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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Let Me Introduce Myself...

This is my blog of semi-professional concerns, essays on vocations of mine that might have made me money in the past, or might make me money in the future. I'm a computer programmer, living in Northern California, with a background in imaging, graphics, and user interfaces.

I also like photography and music and travel. Nothing better than a trip to NYC to take pictures of bands with my cellphone:
Babyshakes at CBGB's Lounge, April 2005.

I once kept a blog on Advogato, but I'm not the same devotee of free software I once was. It's a long story...

One more introductory thing: Viewport was the original name of the corporation I ran from 1994 thru 2000. But I got a cease-and-desist from the party that registered the trademark "Viewport+" quite a while after I registered the domain name I didn't feel like fighting it, and I found something better. Hope they don't come after me again for using this picturesque English word in the name of this blog.


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