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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Gigantic Flickr

I've been using and posting stuff on the web since 1994, but only recently has it become a compelling hobby for me. Part of the reason is RSS and RSS readers that make it easy to keep an eye on streams that interest me. But a big reason is the social photo-sharing site Flickr.

Flickr is not so much a "community" as a place to find and follow people whose photos you find interesting. A virtual club, not for music, but for imagery. And you can erect your own galleries (groups) for whatever special topics interest you, and invite others to join in. I've made a few. My first was Giant Fiberglass Statues. Through Flickr groups I'm able to reach out and find those photographs missing from my collection, like the Jolly Green Giant above.

I'll let you know when Flickr gets old, when I've seen enough of the world through the cameras of others, and lose interest. It might take a while.

(There are a lot of other things I like about Flickr worth mentioning. The favorites system, a way to let people know you like their stuff without being verbal about it. And the RSS feeds to follow many different kinds of activities: comments, contacts, favorites, etc..)


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